加拿大鐵城崇義會創自1914 年,為中山僑民在早年建做加拿大鐵路勞工,給以支助扶持,由於先僑們合作共
About Us
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The Shon Yee Benevolent Association was formed in 1914 for the purpose of helping each other who came
from Zhongshan in a foreign country. Shon Yee has evolved from a handful to over 1400 members today with
three branches, Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver.
The aims of the club have not changed over the past years. They have merely expanded from a brotherhood
to a benevolent organization that reaches many people near and far by providing funds and services through
the local hospitals and through larger charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, United Way and World
Vision. Shon Yee is also involved in a joint venture with the provincial government in providing low income
housing for a great number of our seniors in the community.
As time passed, an athletic division and a seniors division were formed, which gave even greater impetus to
Shon Yees growing abundance of events. They are: Kung Fu, Lion and Dragon Dance, Line Dancing,
Ballroom Dancing, Tai Chi, Table Tennis, Chess, Calligraphy, Karaoke, Instrument Playing, Opera Singing,
Movie Nights, Sewing, Cooking, Beauty and Health Demonstrations, Mandarin Classes, English Classes,
excursions, and travelling.
To summarize, Shon Yee Benevolent Association provides the framework in which there is a challenge for
everyone in carrying out their charitable work- whether it is in the form of working to give the club direction, or,
in the form of recreation for ones personal well-being. This is who we are!
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